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Groupie Celina Powell Leaked Snoop Dogg & 6ix9ine Sex Tape On OnlyFans ?

Do these alleged Snoop Dogg and Tekashi 6ix9ine sex tapes actually exist?

You can find out for a special price as It will cost you $29.95 to see for yourself. Notorious hip-hop groupie Celina Powell is back on her clout chasing game, and this time she’s claiming to have some “never before seen” footage of veteran rapper Snoop Dogg, and recently convicted rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. According to Celina Powell, who had been threatening to release the alleged tapes, she is offering a peek of the show on OnlyFans. “I dropped exclusive NEVER before seen tapes on 69 and Snoop. Ya’ll thought I was playing. I keep every video,” Celina Powell wrote.

With Tekashi 6ix9ine on house arrest, it’s inconceivable how Celina Powell would get her chance to make a sex tape with him – unless it’s several years old, but she has been running with the Snoop Dogg storyline for a minute. Earlier this week, Celina claimed that she slept with Snoop Dogg a day before the BET Awards, and at the event, she heard him on TV talking about his love for God and his wife. She explained in a lengthy YouTube confession video that she really “wanted to put this man on blast” after that. It sounds like she is now making good on that promise.

According to her story about the sexual encounter, the rapper flew her in as they do, and she stayed at a nice hotel where everything was on him – of course. Powell claimed that she was then chauffered to Snoop’s private home or “spare apartment,” which she described as lowkey and really nice.

Mind you, Celina once blatantly lied about being pregnant for rapper Offset, so her words don’t weigh much more than a grain of salt in the hip-hop community. It appears that she knows that too, as she admitted to being skeptical when Snoop’s manager allegedly asked her for her information for the flight because she thought she would be exposed.

Now that these alleged sex tapes have come into play, most people are sure it’s another rouse to get some clout and some money. Will you and your credit card be checking in on her OnlyFans page to see if these sex tapes exist?