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Chris Brown & Young Thug’s New Song With Future Leaked

Chris Brown and Young Thug might’ve had a song with Future for their joint mixtape that’s now leaked.

We are not sure whose idea it was to slide an additional track into the recently dropped Slime & B collaboration between Young Thug and Chris Brown. However, it was possible their best decision yet, according to fans who have listened to the Hendrix rich track. Yes! Lori Harvey’s bae finds his way onto the Weezy produced beat, however, for reasons that are unknown to us, the track was not a part of the original project upload plus Future’s name was not linked to the track when it was finally dropped. We guess it was all a part of a surprise attack aimed at fans.

The track titled, “Help Me Breathe” provides a soulful intro before transitioning into some silky smooth vocal work from Young Thug layered over a beautiful, bouncy r&b groove. While the track is mostly infused with lyrics from Thug and Future, Chris Brown does some much-appreciated work on the vocal work for the chorus, effectively helping it along the way to becoming one of the next big love songs for 2020.

“Drop to my knees begging you please licking my teeth call the police/ I’m searching for peace,” sings Thugger. Other lyrics worth looking out for include: “Some red bottoms for you like it’s a dozen of roses Cop Eliante too, top tiers lookin’ like gold dust I’m snatchin’ up that coupe for you, put Ferarri on your mama, girl Snatchin’ up that new foreign that pretty girl in the morning.”

Apart from the online scuffle with French Montana, Thug has been keeping his head down for the majority of the year, only lifting when he has some new music to gift to his fans. Speaking of gifts, Chris Brown got a sweet surprise from his princess Royalty, when she gifted him a cake and sung a sweet happy birthday.

Have you checked out Slime & B already? What’s are your thoughts on it?