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Beenie Man Calls Out Vybz Kartel & MVP For Beefing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Beenie Man

Beenie Man appears to be calling out the likes of Vybz Kartel and MVP for beefing during the COVID-19 pandemic, something he says is bad for dancehall.

Beenie Man has now officially weighed in on the namecalling surrounding who is actually running dancehall. However, his response shows that he is not in any mood to contest. He is instead calling for peace and unity in light of greater perils hitting not just Jamaica but the entire world. Beenie Man was speaking to Winford Williams on OnStage when he expressed just how he is feeling about the current beefs taking place with the younger artistes and their relevance at this time.

“The pandemic is wicked. Me nah understand where man fine time fee war with each other. Me nah get it but artiste ah artiste yuh know. Them do what dem wah do,” he said. Beenie seems to think the online feuds are being used by the artiste to stay relevant, especially in light of the cancellation of stage shows and other ways to make money outside of online sales and streams.

Nonetheless, Beenie believes the battles are not needed at this time, as efforts could be better spent helping less fortunate. “We need to put ourselves together and put our strengths together so that we can give people strength,” he said.

Beenie stressed just how insignificant the current scuffles are since he does not even know who the participants of the battles are.

“Me doh even know who ah war. Cause first of all me say was Jahmiel versus some man deh. Then a next man join the war and a next man join the war and then a next man join the war.”

According to the dancehall veteran deejay, the beefs are distracting the population from more important things. He drew on the death of Mr. Chicken, and what he calls the low support for someone who helped to shape the current sound of dancehall. Beenie mentioned that Chicken was considered family, and the lack of support shows just what a dire state the country is in.

“It don’t make no sense what the artistes them a do. It make sense to them and it make sense to people who don’t care because it have people that don’t care,” he mentioned.

Beenie doesn’t believe the current online beefs are effective at picking a winner either, and this due to the different beats being used. In his opinion, the last real battle was between Vybz Kartel and Mavado that led to a major face-off on the JamWorld stage for Sting 2008. Furthermore, Beenie is still dumbfounded as to why the artiste are so easily angered by each other.

“That man eh steal nothing from yuh, it’s not like that man ah stop your career or that man ah stop you from reach where you want to reach.”

Beenie admitted to his set of riffs in dancehall with Bounty Killer and Capleton. However, he claims that there were legit reasons for the issues with the Grung Gad and the St Mary artiste. He confirmed that the battles were always lyrical, and they would always reassess things and take a step back when things were getting too heated. He asked, “What is the war about?”

Beenie Man also shared his concern about the lack of respect for the older artiste that have paved the way. Beenie sees the disrespect as one of the main things tarnishing the good name of dancehall. He seems to think that the younger artistes are not learning the actual history of dancehall, especially the humanitarian aspects. He mentioned that Jamaicans, no matter if they were part of warring sides, would join forces and come together to help each other. He used the fact that Jamaicans dropped their political allegiances in 1988 to help each other after Hurricane Gilbert ripped through the island.

Beenie Man and Krystal Tomlinson welcomed a beautiful baby girl in 2018, so he has legit concerns about where the music is trending.

“Me just wish all the artistes and dem who ah war right now just look into themselves because everyman a big man, everyman have youth you know. Like seriously look into yourself and see what you want your youth listen to now,” he pleased.

On that note, he gave props to Dexta Daps, who was recently released from lock-up for gang-related activity. The singer dropped “Breaking News” the same night, which Beenie praises as it helps people to dance and send much-needed positivity.

At the core of Beenie’s OnStage rant in unity, especially during a crisis.