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Twerking Model On DJ Khaled IG Live Says Whole Thing A Big Misunderstanding

DJ Khaled

If you caught DJ Khaled’s Instagram Live last week, you were probably witness to a rather awkward and amusing moment involving some twerking.

The “I’m the One” hitmaker invited his IG followers to go live with him, and a fan named Sophia James grabbed the opportunity. The video call soon turned NSFW, however, as the woman began to twerk, giving DJ Khaled heart palpitations for all the wrong reasons. The Instagram Live session has since become infamous for featuring the happily married father of two covering his eyes as he begs James to desist from twerking. Unfortunately for the music producer, the cries of “No no, don’t do that… I got a family and everything,” fell on deaf ears as the model grabbed a bottle of water and began pouring it on herself.

Now that everyone has had a chance to catch their breath, James has said that the moves that undoubtedly caused “wild thoughts” were just a misunderstanding. The model explained to The Shade Room that she thought Khaled’s IG was in the same lane as Tory Lanez’ Quarantine Radio that has, in the past, been banned on the platform for being too risqué. “I respect DJ Khaled and his beautiful wife and family,” she said in reference to the 44-year-old, his missus Nicole Tuck, and their two sons. As for claims that her antics are going to cause a divorce in the Khaled household, James wasn’t too bothered. “I’m more than sure to bank his marriage is stronger than an IG live video gone viral,” she stated.

This wasn’t the first time that twerking had to be cut short on IG Live. During Diddy’s COVID-19 fundraiser on Easter Sunday, Lizzo got a little too into her groove and had to stop and apologize after Diddy pointed out that it was a holy day, and they should try to keep the stream family friendly.

We bet if Khaled were to be asked, he’d say not twerking on IG is a “no brainer.”