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Snoop Dogg Gives His Wife A Shoutout Following Comment From His Mistress

Snoop Dogg gave a little shoutout to his wife after his alleged mistress dissed him online.

Snoop Dogg has been with Shante Taylor since they were both enrolled in high school and they decided to get hitched in June 1997 when the “Gin & Juice” rapper was 26-years-old. By this time, the couple was already parents to sons Cordé and Cordell, with their daughter Cori following two years later. Snoop and Shante’s relationship was not without its challenges — in 1998, the rapper had a son with Laurie Holmond, and in 2004 he and his missus filed for divorce. The split didn’t last too long though, as the pair chose to reconcile and renew their vows in 2008.

While the last 12 years have seemed mostly good for Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Broadus, cheating allegations came to light in 2018. A YouTube personality, Celina Powell — who you may recall previously lied about carrying Offset’s baby — claimed that she and Snoop had had an affair, with photos and conversation screenshots as proof. She further alleged that the pair had engaged in sexual intercourse and that Snoop ultimately paid her off to the tune of $20,000. In response to the rumors, Shante took to Instagram with a seemingly heartbreaking post. “U ever watch somebody u love turn into somebody u don’t know,” she wrote. “Where Did We Go Wrong.”

Fast forward a few months (and a pandemic later), where Hitman Holla appeared to have cheated on his girlfriend, Cinnamon. The “proof”, courtesy of B. Simone, showed the “Still Ball Game” rapper kissing her in front of a bathroom curtain. Although the pics were proved to be part of a prank in the end, that was after Snoop commented on the post, writing, “That’s a cheap shower curtain. What hotel is that. I mean motel.” Celina was quick to jump on the response, telling Snoop, “The same one you took me too.” Ouch.

Rather than engage in a war of words with his alleged mistress, Snoop took the high road and posted some love for his wife. “@bosslady_ent. Thanks4 the . Kids loyalty stability n the ability to deal wit me on my worst days,” he wrote in the caption alongside a photo of long-married pair. “U are appreciated.”

Prompted or not, those are words no one minds hearing.