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Angela Simmons Says Bow Wow Hurt Her “Young Teenage Heart” A Lot, Growing Up Hip Hop

Angela Simmons is setting the record straight that she and Bow Wow are just friends after her brother confronted her about working with him.

Bow Wow’s career has spanned four decades, and in that time, he has dated quite a few celebrities from A-listers like singer Ciara to reality TV star Angela Simmons and more. The daughter of Rev Run is currently starring on WETV’s Growing Up Hip-Hop alongside Romeo Miller, who she has also been romantically linked with and other child stars. In the upcoming episode of the show, Angela’s brother JoJo Simmons talks to her about dating and gives her advice on who to leave alone.

Angela shared a snippet of the scene to her Instagram in which her brother questions her business relationship with her ex-boyfriend Bow Wow. “I be talking to him about doing the tour stuff. I’m doing his tour merch –” Angela said before JoJo interrupted. “You sure that’s all you’re doing is his tour merch?” he asked.

It seems JoJo was implying that there could be more between Angela Simmons and many fans seem to agree. However, Angela immediately shot down the idea, telling her brother that he is no different from the rest. “JoJo. See you just like everybody else, you want me to date Bow Wow,” she said. He responded, “All I’m saying is you real close with Bow Wow now. You ain’t doing no merch with Romeo.”

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In Angela’s defense, she is helping Bow Wow, who is on tour, Romeo isn’t. The conversation led to Angela sharing a brief history about her and Bow Wow in the confessional. She explained that they dated when they were teenagers but they were all too young for it to work out the way it was going. “Bow and I, we were young,” Angela began. “He did a lot of messing up. A lot of it. A lot of hurting my teenage heart. A lot of it. ‘Cause he was young and having fun and I was like, the girl who was ready to commit and it was not the time for that.”

Back to the original scene, and JoJo is still questioning if his sister is “sure it’s just business” but Angela assures him that she and Bow Wow are just friends. The reality star’s little brother, though not so little anymore, still could not hold back and had to share his advice just the same.

“Never mix business with pleasure, okay? So keep it business and no pleasure,” JoJo said. “You know what you should do? Leave all the Lil’s alone. Lil Bow Wow, Lil Romeo — if Lil Zane pops up, don’t even talk to him,” he hilariously added. “Even Lil Wayne. We love Lil Wayne. We love Lil Twist. Don’t mess with no Lils,” JoJo continued making exceptions for no one. “Anybody that got a lil in front, Lil Baby, Lil whatever. All the lils gotta go. Anything that starts with l.i.l. leave it alone.”

Angela Simmons was adamant that her relationship with Bow Wow is strictly platonic and acted like her brother was just being extra, but she seemed amused by it when she shared the clip on Instagram with a laughing emoji. Bow Wow and Angela were together for almost six years. They were even engaged for a couple of months before ending their relationship in April 2012. They seem to have maintained a healthy friendship over the years, but some fans are still pining for them to rekindle.

Even though it’s been years since their relationship happened and they’ve moved on and are currently both parents with a lot on each of their plates, maybe they will consider getting back together now that the conversation has opened up again.