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Rapper LPB Poody Injured & Football Star Killed In Shooting

Another Floridian rapper is in a hot mess following a shooting incident that has left himself and 2 other persons nursing wounds and at least one young athlete dead en route to the hospital.

LPB Poody, whose real name is Robert Lee Perry Jr., and fellow victims were at a gathering a few blocks from the “Universal Orlando Foundation’s branch of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida and the Orange County offices of the Florida Department of Health,” when the drive-by shooting occurred, CNN reported. Sadly the high school senior and Ocoee High football player Dexter Rentz Jr., who previously attended a funeral for a close friend, was caught in the crossfire as he sat in the driver’s seat of his car.

While speaking to the Orlando Sentinel, Rentz’s mother gave a chilling account of what took place. “Derrick[Rentz’s younger brother and passenger in the vehicle] pulled him back in the car and they called the paramedics and once the paramedics took too long, that’s when they tried to drive him to the hospital. That’s how they ended up in Washington Shores [near Columbia Street and Mable Butler Avenue] because he stopped breathing. So they stopped the car to perform CPR to revive him,” she mentioned.

She continued, “These guys just were doing a drive-by and let off rounds. It hit Dexter, but it was not targeted for Dexter. He got shot on his left side. The guys let off over 15 rounds. … This was all from some rap beef, I guess.”

Two of the victims of the shooting are reported to be without life-threatening injuries, and at least one person is in serious condition reported the police handling the case. Sadly, the police have not disclosed any other information about the victims or who is linked to what injury as the investigation is still ongoing. Nonetheless, fans are sending condolences to the family of the deceased and are praying for the safety of the rapper, who is known for songs such as Kill the Beat,” “No LO L’z” and his latest release, “Address It.”

Rentz, on the other, had secured his spot at the University of Louisville, where he would have played football and was set on visiting the campus on May 10 for his official recruitment visit.