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Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Jirah Take Shots At Him And Her Siblings In Viral TikTok Video

Floyd Mayweather’s daughter Jirah is taking shots at him, as well as, her siblings in a viral TikTok video.

The sound of some crying out for help is not always an actual cry. Today the world witnessed Jirah Mayweather, daughter of renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather and deceased mom Josie Harris, letting her feelings known through a TikTok video. The teen doesn’t actually sing throughout the video and instead lipsyncs the words of “According to You,” by Australian singer Orianthi.

The short video starts with an image of herself dressed in what seems to be a performance outfit. She is rocking a vibrant smile as she stands next to her dad Floyd. While the image seemed very positive, the lyrics to the track playing in the background as she points her finger at dad shows that things are not okay. The exact lyrics of the song goes as follows, “According to you/I’m stupid/I’m useless./I can’t do anything right.”

The next picture shown is that of her brothers and sisters. She points to them as the lyrics play, “According to you/I’m difficult/Hard to please/Forever changing my mind,” pointing that there is not much love there either.

We get to see Jirah in full view as the lyrics of the song continues, “I’m a mess in a dress/Can’t show up on time/ Even if it would save my life/ According to you, according to you.”

Another picture is presented, and this time we get to see one of her and her late mom. The lyrics of the song immediately change with the presentation of the photo of her and her mom. “But according to him/I’m beautiful, incredible/ he can’t get me out of his head/ According to him I’m funny/ irresistible/ everything he ever wanted,” she lipsyncs, giving the assumption that the one person who truly loved her is no longer in her life.

Some folks have been questioning the teen’s latest string of behavior on social media. She recently engaged in an online war of words with teen rapper Bhad Bhabie, a.k.a. Danielle Bregoli, after the rapper received some backlash for blackfishing.

“Ay tell @jirahmayweather imma smack tf outta her when I see her,” mentioned Bregoli. Jirah came back swinging with, “We don’t fight bi**hes around here, we stab them.” This references the past actions of half-sister Iyanna Mayweather who could be steering down years of hard time in prison for a recent stabbing incident involving NBA YoungBoy’s baby mama.

Nonetheless, we hope that her family witnesses this call for her and try to offer their support.