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Akon Wants To Collaborate With Tekashi 6ix9ine, Continues To Defend Him

Akon continues to defend Tekashi 6ix9ine for snitching and wants to make music with him.

During a conversation on Instagram Live today with DJ Whoo Kid, the R&B singer turned entrepreneur was sympathetic with Tekashi 6ix9ine and expressed that he understood his decision although it might have severe ramifications. “With Tekashi it’s a little different because he comes from a generation that really didn’t have no moral ethic,” Akon said in the interview on Instagram Live. “I can’t really speak on why he would do that, but most likely it’s for the obvious reasons. But everyone goes through something in their lives that propels them to do things that they feel are in the best interest of themselves. And I think, you really can’t blame him, if what he’s saying is the truth.”

Akon has always had respect for the Brooklyn rapper. Even back in November 2019 when his legal woes started to catch up with him, the Konvict Muzik founder was super supportive of the rapper’s decision. The Senegal born rapper didn’t even hesitate when asked if he would feature on a Tekashi track in the near future as we all know 6ix9ine is working on two new albums while on house arrest.

“I’ ma feature on that record,” Akon said. “Matter fact, I’m about to call Tekashi right now and say ‘yo, T, what we doin’? I’m ’bout to get on that record.’ Listen, I’m me, n***a. You can’t beat me up. I’m getting on that record.”

“That record probably be the hottest record that drop this year because of all that… Just think about all that surrounded this record. Even if you don’t like him. You gon’ get it, download it, out of curiosity,” Akon said

It sounds like we shouldn’t be surprised to see Akon featured on one or even both of Tekashi 6ix9ine’s upcoming albums.

Elsewhere in the interview, Akon said that snitching now wasn’t like back then, adding that the Brooklyn rapper definitely had a very serious decision to make.

Akon just believes that the 23-year-old rapper needs a second chance and that he is young enough to turn his entire life around if he stays strong and humble. Do you agree?