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Drake Flames Sophia Body On Instagram, Love & Hip Hop Star Respond

Drake is trolling Sophia Body from Love & Hip Hop in the latest chapter of their long-standing feud.

For several years now, Toronto natives Drake and Sophia Body have not seen eye to eye. The rapper and Love & Hip-Hop star have feuded in the past about various issues as they seem to not be fans of each other. Sophia once accused Drake of spoiling the Toronto’s Caribana Festival fun for everyone when he hosted his OVO Fest on the same weekend as the annual event. The Love & Hip-Hop star has also expressed in more ways than one that she believes that Drake is overrated. She even accused him of jacking people’s flows once, but he settled that by calling her a “bitter f***ing weirdo.”

Though we haven’t seen them go back and forth in a while, it looks like OVO Don wants all the smoke. The rapper took to Instagram to say something about Sophia in response to a fan’s comment, and the ‘kid with the motormouth’ is definitely sending shots.


A post shared to Instagram featured a snippet from a recent Quarantine Radio Instagram Live session hosted by Tory Lanez. In the clip, an impressive singer was doing a rendition of “Dirty Diana” and he completely snapped. Sophia wrote a comment on the post that was pretty frivolous when a fan replied, “We met on the 4 train before in the Bronx you was playing with your laptop… I’m mad you never followed me back on the gram.”

Drake saw an opportunity, and he took it. The “God’s Plan” rapper wrote back the fan replying, “Don’t worry she’ll be there for 20+ more years same seat you’ll catch her one day she ain’t got sh*t going.” The Toronto rapper obviously did not take it easy on Sophia, but then again, she has never been easy on him either.

Sophia Body weighed in on Drake’s comment on Instagram Live, where she said if she really wasn’t doing anything, he’d just forget about her. “What grown a** multi-millionaire is gonna keep addressing me? He keeps addressing me and I’m not doing sh*t?” she questioned. “If I wasn’t doing sh*t one would forget about me but he’s still adding. I don’t get it.”

Sophia also suggested that Drake is clout chasing, but fans watching and commenting on the Live expressed that they found that absurd and laughable. One fan who commented on a post about Sophia’s response said, “Well Drake does no wrong in my eyes.” Another fan who was also clearly advocating for Drake in this beef wrote, “We don’t know you. We side with Drake.”

There were some fans who showed out for Sophia, though, including one who claimed: “But did she lie??” Another fan shared a theory about Drake’s reason behind sending shots at Sophia. He suggested that “Drake wished his baby momma looked like Sophia that’s why he mad.”

They do have a history, so it’s very likely that they are each not over what the other has said to them in the past. What do you think is causing the ongoing beef between the two?