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50 Cent Suggest Ja Rule Is Homeless, Says IG Live Battle Is A Cry For Attention

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50 Cent is hammering Ja Rule on IG after Ja revealed he want to battle on IG Live.

Ja Rule is not really a homeless man, but 50 Cent likens him to one while saying the Murder Inc rapper is begging for attention. The feud between Ja and Fif is almost as legendary as the two artists themselves. The cause of the bad blood is a “he said-he said” situation, with Fifty initially claiming that it kicked off in 1999 after Ja Rule spotted him with a man who robbed him of his jewelry. While the “Livin’ It Up” rapper alleges that 50 Cent was jealous after he shot a music video in his hometown neighborhood of Queens and didn’t like how much love Ja Rule received. Whatever the reason, the beef has included an alleged attack with a baseball bat, a stabbing incident, and several diss tracks.

Over the years, people have tried to step in to get the pair to sort out their stuff, including Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff. The rappers pressed pause on the conflict for a few years but started up again in 2018. Now, could music possibly be the thing that helps them put their differences aside? While in quarantine, Swizz Beats has set up music battles on his Instagram Live that has seen artists taking on the best of the best while IG users tune in live.

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Ja Rule has now declared that he would be open to going up against his nemesis — but is there a chance to make amends, or just see who comes out triumphant once and for all? “He wants to do this for the culture,” Fat Joe told Swizz about the Growing Up Hip Hop: New York’s challenge. Jesus Christ, Rule, you guys want the smoke for real.” Swizz seemed less than keen, not wanting his platform to become a stage for the animosity that is likely to ensue if it goes ahead.

As for 50 Cent’s take on it all? Well, he went on social media (surprise, surprise), where he posted a clip of himself riding off in a car. “Who want to battle, and here’s a moment of silence for the still sick and suffering. LOL,” read the caption.

Don’t hold your breath, Ja.