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50 Cent Ignores Ja Rule IG Live Battle Request, Eyes Snoop Dogg & Ludacris

50 Cent totally ignored Ja Rule’s request to battle on Instagram Live and offered to go head to head with Snoop Dogg or Ludacris.

With 50 Cent venturing into movies and TV shows, a lot of persons have forgotten that the G-Unit man is one of the best rappers in the game, and according to many, was in control during the 2000s, slinging hits like no other. Fans could get the chance to weigh in how his music stacks up against that of some other industry greats quite soon. 50 Cent recently concluded that he wouldn’t mind battling either Snoop Dogg or the southern chief Ludacris, in one of the many celebrity IG live battles that have been taking place since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

While on IG Live with La La Anthony, 50 Cent was questioned about who he would like to battle.

“Snoop’s catalog would probably do it,” mentioned Fif. Snoop, one of the west coast greats, rose to prominence during the early parts of the 90s and is still releasing music to this day. With a hip hop career spanning over 3 decades, he has also tried his hand at reggae, pop, and even ventured into gospel.

“Outside of that, wait…maybe um….who else, who else?” pondered 50 Cent before he was able to select another opponent. “It would be fun to do Ludacris.”

“Luda, okay! A lot of people wanted me to get Luda on here, too,” La La said. “So, you versus Snoop, or you versus Luda.”

In recent weeks we have seen some of the biggest producers, songwriters, singers, and rappers facing off for bragging rights. During the IG Live session, Fif questioned if one of the biggest r&b battles between Teddy Riley vs. Babyface actually took place.

After confirming that it was canceled, La La listed another entertaining face-off that took place between T-Pain and Lil Jon.

“Yeah, they got some music,” confirmed Fif. “You know who else people are asking for?” La La Anthony asked. “Who could go against Fab? They said Fab versus Mase.”

“That would be good,” said 50 of Fabolous’ proposed opponent, “because Fab made a lot of female-oriented records.” He continued, “Even his verse is on other records, it was the highlight of those songs. Like when he rap about girls he better than the rest of them.”

What are your thoughts 50 Cent versus Snoop Dogg or 50 versus Ludacris?