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Cardi B Blast Young Fans After Bernie Sanders’ Devastating End To Presidential Bid

Cardi B is super upset with young fans for not voting enough a for Bernie Sanders.

Cardi B has long advocated for former Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders for the upcoming election. The rapper who has made her political stance unequivocally clear is coming to us livid today amidst news that Sanders dropped out of the race. According to Cardi, Bernie must have dropped out because he saw that he did not have a chance. She attributes his premature loss to a lack of voting in the younger demographic. Cardi admonished fans who support Bernie in online posts but neglect to go to poll stations and actually vote.

In a live video on Instagram ranting about the situation, Cardi actually did an excellent job of breaking it down and helping anyone with common sense to understand the issue of voting and how it correlates to the demographic that the manifesto appeals to. “Y’all young motherf***rs, I’m getting sick of y’all,” she said. “I’m about to start hanging out with my grandma’s friends, because they vote. Y’all motherf***rs don’t vote, and that sh*t is getting me tight…I see all over Twitter, like, y’all love Bernie, but y’all wasn’t voting! What the f**k was up with that?” Cardi asked.

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Tells them to now support #JoeBiden

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She further explained that issues like more affordable college tuition are not something that older folks would care for, so if we want a president who will implement things that benefit young people, it takes young voters to make it happen. “Older people. People that don’t give a f**k about going to college…those are the people that are voting…and because of that, that means Bernie is off the motherf***ing race,” Cardi said.

Elsewhere in the video, Cardi said she now has to turn her focus on Joe Biden but admitted that she knows absolutely nothing about him and will have to do some research. “Whoever the f**k ’cause I do not want 45 to be president again. This sh*t is very f***king serious,” Cardi said. The rapper also added that we are headed to a recession, and everyone needs to quit thinking things will go back to normal after the coronavirus pandemic.

Cardi is obviously very upset that her choice of president is no longer in the race. Her fears of a second term for her current president is edging closer by the minute. Check out Cardi’s full rant on Instagram Live.