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Post Malone Sued Over His Hit Record “Circles”

Post Malone is being sued over one of his most famous songs.

“Circles” came out in August 2019 and was the third single released from his album “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. The track became Post’s fourth number one hit after topping the Billboard Hot 100 on three separate occasions and was even named by Billboard as the seventh best song of the year. According to the publication, the song is the first and only single by a solo male artist (i.e. no features) to achieve double-digit frames at number one on the Billboard Pop Songs chart. But in spite of all the accolades the track has brought him, Post Malone now finds himself in some legal trouble because of it.

Several names are listed as contributing to the creation of “Circles,” but Tyler Armes is not one of them. Yet, he claims to have been part of a session that resulted in the song’s birth. Armes alleges that Post’s manager suggested that he hook up with the rapper and producer Frank Dukes a year prior and that it was during a music session that he “co-wrote the chords and the bass line for the song,” as well as contributed to the main guitar melody. At the end of August last year, Armes put up an IG post Malone, which congratulated those who had worked on the track.

“Honored to have worked on this incredible song ‘Circles’ with @postmalone and @frankdukes. A year ago we ended up in an all night studio session in Toronto,” he wrote. “We Jammed on different instruments for a few hours and built the beat. Post laid down the rough vocals a few hours after, we knew immediately it was a special song and a whole new vibe! Crazy energy in the room!”

Armes’ name not being amongst the credits has now led to him filing a lawsuit against the New York artist, TMZ reported. Court papers allege that negotiations were in progress during the month the song was released, but that he was pushed for a better deal than the offered 5 percent of publishing and no public writing credit. He now wants a co-writer credit and a cut of royalties, both past and future.

We wonder if Post Malone will end up telling him to “Take What You Want.”