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21 Savage Belt Out Vocals To Beyonce & Brandy Classics On IG Live

21 Savage was a Sunday mood on Instagram Live belting out vocals to some Beyonce and Brandy classics.

When fans saw 21 Savage trending on Twitter, their first thought may have been that the rapper had contracted COVID-19. Thankfully, though, 21’s name was on people’s minds for a far better reason. The Atlanta artist may be known better as a rapper, with hits like “Bank Account,” “No Heart,” and “A Lot,” but it turns out he might have a shot at being an R&B singer.

Earlier today, 21 Savage hopped on to Instagram Live (you know, the place where all the celebrities are hanging out these days after not being able to leave the house due to quarantine) and decided to go down a musical journey with his followers that included some of his favorite R&B classics. But, 21 did not just play the tracks; no, that would have been too easy. Instead, he sung ‘em!

The 27-year-old treated fans to a rare concert that included him belting out Usher’s “Let It Burn,” “Cater 2 U” by Destiny’s Child, and doing his best Beyoncé impression on “Me, Myself & I.” He also chose to lend his vocals to Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down,” and tried to prove that he could pull off Aaliyah’s “Come Over.”

Fans were amused by 21 Savage’s renditions of the songs, which, while completely heartfelt, were totally off-key. Not that the rapper seemed to care in the slightest based on how much fun it looked like he was having. The karaoke session did, however, bring back memories of O.T. Genesis murdering — er, we mean, singing — “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton earlier this year.

21 Savage may possess a Grammy Award for Best Rap Song under his belt, as well as a number one album, but singing talents he, unfortunately, does not. Let’s hope that he sticks to rapping doesn’t decide to do any singing on future tracks.