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Mannie Fresh Replaces T-Pain To Beat Battle Scott Storch On IG Live

Mannie Fresh stepped in to replace T-Pain for a planned beat battle with Scott Storch tonight on Instagram Live.

Online music battles have become all the rage as folks around the world sit at home while Coronavirus rages outside their front door. Having to maintain a social distance doesn’t apply to social media, with many famous and non-famous people tuning in to Instagram Live where formidable producers like DJ Spade, Timbaland, Swizzbeats, and Tory Lanez have all turned their arm at virtually battling their rivals on the decks. Tonight was set to be the chance of Scott Storch as he takes on T-Pain, but there has been a change of schedule with Mannie Fresh dropping in the mix.

Nobody can question T-Pain’s talent. The “Buy U a Drank” rapper has featured on more than 50 number one singles and founded his own record label. Did we also mention that he has two Grammy Awards to his name? As such, it seems almost unfair that he would be going up against Scott Storch, despite his excitement. “This boy @scottstorchofficial bout to curb stomp me,” T-Pain originally wrote on IG about the highly anticipated beat battle. “Win or lose I’m honored to be apart of the biggest thing happening right now. Tune in and celebrate music history wit us! S*** gon be fun regardless. Thank you @timbaland and @therealswizzz.”

It was acknowledged that T-Pain’s prowess might mean that Storch was out of his league, so a new competitor has now been brought in as a dueling partner for the “Lean Back” artist. T-Pain confirmed the rearrangement saying, “Monster Producer up against a beast producer. Makes a lot more sense lol. The ppl spoke up so @timbaland and @therealswizzz are looking for somebody that makes more sense to go up against me. Ngl when they hit me with the @scottstorchofficial call I was “n***a that’s weird but let’s go” but yea. Producer at producer makes more sense for sure.”

Mannie Fresh will now be going up against Scorch. Tune in at 8 PM EST to see who comes out victorious.