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Tory Lanez Showcases Fresh Hairline In “Do The Most” Video

Tory Lanez new video “Do The Most” is now out.

Throw together a bomb storyline, a few outfit changes, some models, and you got yourself the video for Tory Lanez new song, “Do The Most.” The video is much more than a few flashy scenes, though, as the team really covers a lot of ground within 2 minutes and 38 seconds, which is quite impressive. The video opens with Tory catching his girl in bed with another man. This immediately catches wind and is picked up by Quarantine News. The “Talk To Me” rapper does lose any sleep though since this starts him on a path of debauchery, bedding a multitude of ladies.

A bit further in the video, you notice that Tory is not finished with the dude who took his girl and the rapper pledges, “I’m gonna get my ex-b***h back.” HE lives up to his words as two separate beatdowns, one in the barbershop and another at a restaurant, see Tory reuniting with his princess. The video is funny and entertaining and quite an accomplishment for Midjordan & Tory Lanez, who directed the project. The rapper handled most of the editing, as we’ve seen in other videos, with Nicholas Belotti chipping in to assist.

While the fans are loving the track, they couldn’t help but roast Tory for his hair. He raps on the track, “See my hairline fresh don’t be touchin my sh*t.”

One fan wrote, “Go back to the baldy my guy. I’m not gonna mark drop where. But you exposed your damn self throughout the whole video bro lol . The hair is not looking natural like when you 1st got it . Looks like hell arm pit hair pasted on top ya baldy bean.”

We are unsure if he will respond to the roasting, but the best place to find out is on Tory’s ‘Quarantine Radio’ held on his Instagram Live.

The video for “Do The Most” can be streamed below.