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Quavo Working on “Culture III” and Playing “Call Of Duty” Nonstop While Quarantined

Quavo says he is cooking Culture III and playing Call of Duty all day everyday while quarantined.

Folks are simply going out of their minds trying to find things to do during this global lockdown. Even celebrities are having a hard time adjusting to a new way of life, which completely contrasts their usual action-packed routines. Rapper Quavo is still adjusting to life in quarantine, but based on a recent interview with Billboard, he effectively balancing his time between work and play. The Migos rapper spoke on a number of topics such as the making of Culture III, his memory of slain New York rapper Pop Smoke, and what he does to pass the time while at home.

Quavo provided hope to all the fans eagerly anticipating the release of the upcoming Migos album when he mentioned that the team still links up at the studio to get work done even though they are not able to perform publicly. “Of course, the business has slowed down because we perform in front of masses of people,” explains the Migos man. “Dropping music and all that, it’s at a standstill right now with us because we need to go out there and touch the people to push our albums to make our music work.”

On the matter of touch, the rapper has stressed that they are keeping to themselves, only venturing from home to the studio. This is extremely important with coronavirus cases in Georgia eyeing the 3000 mark, resulting in 87 deaths so far. The reality of the situation is that if the virus outbreak is not contained, heading to the studio may actually be seen as a no-no. If this does happen, you can rest assured that the rapper still has a lot of unreleased music. Quavo recently worked with Justin Bieber on ‘Intentions,” and has confessed that they have “some more records in the vault.”

The virus outbreak did not stop the recent release of the video for “Shake The Room,” which saw him and Pop Smoke riding around Paris in a Ferrari. He hails doing donuts in a Ferrari as one of his most fond memories of Smoke, who was gunned down in February.

As the world continues to grapple with the bloodletting, many as a result of the virus, Quavo is finding ways to inject some fun into his life. The rapper confessed that he is using the downtime at home to sharpen up on his Call of Duty, confessing that he plays for hours. With the recent string of catastrophes that have rocked the world, Call of Duty may actually be one of the best ways to learn a few tactical/survival skills.