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Joyner Lucas Hilariously Portrays Will Smith In “Will” Visual, Will Smith Responds

Joyner Lucas blew all of us minds including Will Smith with the visual for “Will” off his upcoming album, ADHD.

Joyner Lucas is getting ready to drop his ADHD album in the next few days but that is not stopping him from releasing more tracks from the project. The Massachusetts rapper decided to drop the audio and video for “Will,” and the visuals will truly knock your socks off if you are a fan of the actor and rapper Will Smith. During the course of the video, Joyner relives some of Smith’s best roles which include his characters in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Bad Boys, Men In Black, Wild Wild West, Aladdin, Shark Tale, and The Pursuit of Happiness. The latter actually sees a small cameo from his son, who takes on the role that Jayden Smith did.

Joyner’s creativity is really put on display as he seamlessly transitions through the various movie scenes, with each scene effectively matching the song’s lyrics.

Lucas hails Smith as his idol and is ensuring he shows his love and respect before it’s too late. He raps, “Ain’t nothing worst than losing your hero and can’t say bye and we never know just when is our time and legends are gone and we don’t know why / So before they go look here go a toast, give them a rose while they still alive.”

Will Smith also makes an appearance to the end of the video, dropping some great advice for everyone who is looking to excel in life. While almost half of the tracks on ADHD have already been released it doesn’t seem to take away from the heat on the project brought on by the likes of Chris Brown, Young Thug, Logic, Fabolous, and feat. King OSF.

Will Smith responded to the video on Instagram. Here is what he said.

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WOW!!! That’s Crazy!  #Humbled @joynerlucas

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