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Ludacris Donates $200,000 To The Bahamas For COVID-19 Relief

Ludacris and his nonprofit organization Ludacris Foundation which was founded in 2001, has united with The Head Foundation to make a generous donation to people in need in the Bahamas.

Ludacris and his foundation donated $200,000 worth of clinical gear and medical supplies to the country. The donation, which includes 100,000 masks, is a significant gift to help the Bahamas clinical group during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Bahamas has been through a lot of catastrophic events lately, and a lot of celebrities are turning their sights to the cluster of tiny islands for their donations. Hurricane Dorian was a natural disaster that really took a toll on the beautiful Bahamas just last year, and residents are likely unsettled with the fear associated with the novel coronavirus.

After the hurricane, Ludacris raised over $100,000 from LudaDay, his foundation’s fundraiser, and gave some supplies to the Bahamas then as well. Some of the donations from last year were gloves, dental units, insulin, masks, cleanliness packs, water units and more to help the nation to recoup from Hurricane Dorian.

The founder of Head Foundation met with Ludacris and his team to officially plan the relief aid for the people of the Bahamas amidst this coronavirus global pandemic. The rapper says he hopes that this will be a great help for the country. “We really had the desire to meet those medical teams on ground face to face – thank them for the arduous task still at hand,” the Atlanta rapper said in a statement released to the press. Ludacris also plans to help out in more missions that aid the country as well.

“It is so important for foundations to work hand in hand and help each other to keep pushing forward to one common goal,” president of Ludacris Foundation, Roberta Shields said.

More stars have been sending in donations to help various countries come back from this devastating global setback. We have to be grateful for the fortunate, not forgetting the unfortunate.