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Joe Budden Addresses Jay Electronica Beef, Insist Album Is Underwhelming

Joe Budden spoke on why he and Jay Electronica are beefing and why he thinks his new album with JAY-Z is underwhelming.

Jay Electronica finally released his highly anticipated album, A Written Testimony, and it seems Joe Budden was disappointed with the finished project. Never one to hold back on his opinions, Budden used his platform as host of The Joe Budden Podcast to explain why he felt let down, basically saying that Jay Electronic allowed his collaborator, Jay-Z, to steal the show on his own album.

The comments led to a series of back and forth tweets between Electronica and Joe Budden, with both men taking shots at the others’ careers and bodies of work. Now, Budden has returned to his podcaster chair to offer another response after thinking the situation over.

“I’m not steaming over this Jay Elec thing,” said Joe. “Jay Elec can diss me for the next five weeks on a f*cking Hov callab mixtape again. I wouldn’t feel bad.” Joe seemed to imply yet again that the project everyone had waited so long for ended up feeling more like a mixtape headlined by Jay-Z than a solo album with big name features. He also went on to make the point that he is not in the business of making friends, saying, “Very early on for me, I realized it was more valuable to be able to speak about you than to speak to you. I’m not trying to have Thanksgiving dinner with some of these n***as.”

Ultimately, Joe Budden stood his ground as a media personality and rap critic, weakening the jabs often thrown at his former rap career. He went on to defend his original critique of the Electronica project, saying, “The disappointment here comes from expecting greatness, waiting for greatness, waiting for some sh*t for ten years and being underwhelmed.”

A Written Testimony is Jay Electronica’s debut album after many years of mixtapes, features, and singles.