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Vybz Kartel Taps Sikka Rymes For “Heavy Weight” Single

Vybz Kartel takes things back to basic on his new track, “Heavy Weight,” featuring Sikka Rymes.

The Worlboss is currently incarcerated and has been so for a number of years now. Despite this, he still manages to release songs at an alarming rate. A lot of his most recent releases have featured the Gaza VP Sikka Rymes. Most of the collaborations so far have been huge hits, with fans praising the vibe and chemistry the two share. The chemistry shared also comes through on their most recent release. However, this one stands out due to its old school vibe. Many fans have actually commented that the style and flow of the new track models that of a “Black” Kartel.

The track was released 15 hours ago and has amassed 85 thousand views. The song’s core theme is about the ladies as Vybz Kartel deejays, “She a say mi c***y sweet to the bone ketchup, open yuh mouth say ah stretch yuh mouth stretch yuh / babes if yuh p***y good mi a go breed yuh, big spit morning sickness as yuh get up wet up.”

Sikka smoothly comes in singing, “Baby see di bed pap dung love when you boom boom dat dung / she bring three friend come f**k she she till meeting dun / mi nuh keep man company p*m p*m swell like she company / dat bruise when she come give me di gyal p****y go numb when mi cum in it.”

Sikka Rymes has a steady hold of his talent in 2020 as he keeps leveling up with every release. While “Heavy Weight” is an anthem to thick women, it still has something for the petite ladies as well.