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Kanye West Donates To Women and Food Service Charities Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Kanye West is following in Jesus’ footsteps and helping out the poor.

It is no secret that the “Closed On Sunday” rapper had a spiritual awakening a few years ago. From worshipping, in his own words, the “god of ego, god of money, god of pride, the god of fame,” Kanye West became a born-again Christian and it was Jesus all the way. He started his rousing Sunday Service choir which performs each and every Sunday, and has released two albums with the word “Jesus” in the title. Seeing himself as somewhat of a modern-day savior, Yeezy has now donated meals to charities in light of the devastating Coronavirus.

The impact of Covid-19 has not only been on people’s health, but their livelihood and pockets as well. The world’s elderly population is particularly at risk from the virus and so one of the charities to which Kanye donated was We Women Empowered, according to Access Hollywood. At this time, the organization has decided to extend its regular services by providing meals to the elderly on the city’s South Side.

“Today when I got that call, that Kanye West wanted to help the elderly in Chicago and he chose his hometown in the South Side, his old neighborhood, I was beyond words,” Josephine Wade, who runs We Women Empowered, told Access. “And in one phone call, in an instance today, our world was changed.”

That was not the extent of Kanye’s good deeds. From his old home to his new, in Los Angeles, the 42-year-old also made a donation to The Dream Center Los Angeles which is currently 7,000 meals per day through its drive-through service. Kanye’s donation will now help them do even more.

In this time of fear and uncertainty for humanity, it is encouraging to see just how kind people can be.