Is Will Smith Partially Responsible for COVID-19 Misinformation After ‘I Am Legend’?

Will Smith says he feels responsible for coronavirus misinformation.

Famous Hollywood actor Will Smith is suggesting that he feels some accountability and even remorse about a portion of the falsehood encompassing the coronavirus pandemic because of his movie role in “I Am Legend.” The actor is compensating for the deception he believes he participated in spreading about infections by starring the 2007 dystopian film about a dangerous malady that wipes out the greater part of humanity.

Will sat down with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith on her Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk, to examine the COVID-19 pandemic, in a scene titled, “What You Need To Know About Coronavirus.” The head of the famous family kicked things off by cracking a joke about previously taking an interest in misdirecting people about infections.

“I needed to do this on the grounds that in 2008 (2007), I made ‘I Am Legend,’ so I feel liable for a ton of the deception,” Will stated. In any case, the zombie apocalypse that the movie showcased and the quarantined lives that we are currently living now couldn’t be further from similitude.

On a more serious note, Will clarified the significance of what he realized when he visited the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in those days to prepare for his role as a virologist in the film. “It truly completely changed me and what I looked like at the world,” he expressed at the red table. “Basic ideas individuals don’t comprehend,” he added.

Also in attendance during this last Red Table Talk session was the director of the Center for Infectious Diseases, Michael Osterholm who was essential in clearing up some of the misinformation about the coronavirus. The infection master reminded viewers that while it’s important to avoid touching our eyes or interacting with bacteria filled surfaces, “It might happen infrequently,” he said. “But the most important way is just breathing in the air.”

Will and Jada revealed that their son Jaden Smith has been traveling a lot lately and has isolated himself from the family to keep them safe. The actor also suggested that we add a few more feet of personal space as we practice social distancing for extra precaution. “In the event that one of you had it in the room you’re in this moment,” Will Smith said. “You may transmit it to everybody lounging around the table.” Maybe it’s time for Will to start a “I Am Legend” series to keep help us escape boredom in the months to come. After all, it could be very helpful to learn from a survivor how to make it out on the other side.