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Dancehall Icon Elephant Man Apologize For Lying To Immigration About Coronavirus

Dancehall artiste Oneal Byran, better known as Elephant Man, is currently being investigated on the basis of false declaration to immigration, following his return to Jamaica.

A whistleblower in the form of an immigration worker sounded the alarm to the public by releasing a recording describing what the Elephant Man allegedly did. The public immediately called out the deejay for his actions, prompting swift action from the government. While not disclosing the name of the person of interest, Hon. Christopher Tufton, called for the “investigation into reports that an entertainer returned to Jamaica from a territory where there is a local spread of COVID19 and failed to declare the country of travel to immigration authorities.” The Minister reinforced the consequences of the Energy God’s actions, stating, “It is an offense to make a false declaration.”

According to the official release from The Jamaica Constabulary Force, “Elephant Man arrived at the airport from Brussels and was asked to declare the countries he had visited. It alleged he falsified the information and did not declare all the countries. The police will be working closely with the Ministry of Health and Members of the Immigration to determine the appropriate action.”

With widespread public criticism and pressures of the law growing heavy, Elephant Man as released videos explaining what took place at the Sangsters International Airport along with issuing an apology.

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According to Elephant Man, he and Rygin King and associates were aboard the plane from Brussels after quitting their European tour. “When we reach a Jamaica, walk offa the plan come straight round to immigration, reach to the immigration officer I hand her my paper, she look on it and say oh Amsterdam, “recounted Ele. The deejay mentioned that upon being asked if he had been to other territories, he disclosed his other European stops and was then allowed to proceed without issues.

“When I was going through nobody stop me and say well you know say we have a quarantine thing wa a gwaan. Nobody said that to me,” mentioned Elephant Man. According to the deejay, as since made his way home without making any unnecessary stops. He also confirmed that he has been implementing his proper social distancing by keeping himself locked away at home.

Ele also iced rumors that he wished death on all the airport staff. “I would never say nuthin like that,” mentioned the artiste, before referencing Jamaica’s first confirmed death as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

In another video, Elephant Man shared a heartfelt apology to his fans, everyone at the airport and Jamaica’s Minister of Health. “I also wanted to apologize for the way I incorrectly completed the form,” said Ele, while giving an additional breakdown of what caused the mishap. “After my long journey, I actually put the last country I arrived from, as opposed to all the countries I attended in the last 6 weeks. Sorry fi dat, drop asleep you done know,” he mentioned. In closing, he repeated, “I would never put anyone life at risk, intentionally” before sending love to his fans.

Even though the “No Junjo” deejay has issued an apology, some fans are still disappointed in what they referred to as the deejay’s selfish actions.