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50 Cent Finally Caught Up With Elusive Rick Ross, Serves Him Court Docs

50 Cent and Rick Ross
50 Cent, Rick Ross

50 Cent finally caught up with Rick Ross and served him court documents.

The saga of Rick Ross and 50 Cent’s beef continues, as Rick Ross has reportedly finally been located and served with subpoena documents requiring that he testify in Fifty’s case against his former legal representation in a lawsuit involving Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston. The case has been ongoing for years now, even leading Fifty to declare bankruptcy in 2015. More recently, a judge begrudgingly granted Fif an extension to track down Ross, even though she made it clear that the situation was getting tiresome.

Now, after attempting to avoid being served for over a year, it seems Rick Ross has now received legal documents and is due to appear in court to testify on his enemy’s behalf.

50 Cent’s attorney in the case, Imran H. Ansari, issued a statement after this development. “Rick Ross has been trying to duck this deposition since last year, and having not shown up for a hearing before a federal judge in Georgia last week, we are pleased with the judge’s decision to put an end to his evasiveness by making him accept a subpoena from my client and testify,” the statement reads.

Reports indicate that Ross was successfully served on March 11th, with a deposition to follow on March 25th.

Considering the state of the world right now with the coronavirus pandemic, there are speculations that the court proceedings in this case and others like it will be delayed or modified by the use of video conferencing for testimonies. The case filed by 50 Cent accuses his former law firm of malpractice while representing him in a lawsuit that involved the release of a sex tape featuring Lastonia Leviston. Leviston was awarded $7 million, but Fifty argues he was not properly represented and that a testimony from Ross will help prove that Reed Smith LLP dropped the ball in his case.