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Cardi B’s Husband Offset Asking For Some Bread Amidst Shortage Over Coronavirus

Offset is feeling the effects of the coronavirus.

Thankfully, Migos member Offset hasn’t contracted the deadly disease that has swept the world up over the last few months, but he is experiencing the impact of the panic. As citizens of the globe prepare for a total shutdown (with some country’s already in affect), panic-buying has become one of the symptoms of those fearing infection of COVID-19. Shelves in stores have been left completely empty as the masses stock up on toilet paper, non-perishable food items, and hand-sanitizer.

It seems as though Cardi B sent Offset to do the family shopping this week, and he could not for the life of him find one staple product — bread. “Who got bread for sale????? Can’t find s***,” the rapper tweeted. Forget toilet paper, this is serious now. We’re not sure if Offset wanted the regular government stuff, or a more high-end type of bread like a sourdough or ciabatta, but you can bet that if even bread is missing from shelves, we will soon see a whole new trend in memes over the loaf shortage.

Perhaps the 28-year-old wanted some slices to go with the tuna salad he shared the recipe for last week. The internet — and his own wife — were left in shock when Offset revealed that he enjoys his tuna salad on the sweeter side. “That’s tuna right there. You put that sugar on that thang. Ouuu. Throw that mayo in there. Whip it up. Whip that thang up. You gon’ have that sweet tuna. That sh*t gon’ be hittin’,” he told fans in a video posted on Instagram. Cardi was quite horrified, as she indicated when she reposted the unique recipe on her Twitter account.

We reckon that toast is a far safer option. If Offset can find some bread, that is.