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Iyanna Mayweather Gets Trolled After Previewing New Song

Iyanna Mayweather and NBA YoungBoy

Iyanna Mayweather, aka Money Yaya, is out here trying to treat her fans to new music, but it seems not everyone is keen.

The daughter of the famous boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, is more used to being the subject of songs rather than releasing her own, but it seems she has dreams of being a rap artist herself. Taking to the ‘gram, Yaya dropped a video of herself laying down some beats. “No matter what the people on the ground, what the fans got to say about you / you can ask my mother and my sisters what I’m sayin’ about you l / what we got is special,” she raps to the camera with a cute filter over her face making her look like a female Post Malone.

Wanting to hear the public’s thoughts, Yaya posted a poll, asking IG users to vote yes or no on whether she should drop the song. The results were close, but the naysayers won out in the end! 47% of those who responded wanted to hear the full version of the romantic track, while 53% had just heard enough. Talk about awkward.

Yaya’s name was previously dropped around the hip hop scene is dating NBA YoungBoy on and off. When things fell apart, the rapper released a diss track based on Michael Jackson’s song “Dirty Diana”, using Yaya’s real name, Iyanna. “Might have to gas all my cars / Don’t come out after dark / I see she won’t leave me alone / She sliced the tires on my car,” NBA YoungBoy raps on “Dirty Iyanna” in reference to allegations that his ex slashed the wheels of his car. Surprisingly, Iyanna Mayweather was a fan of the song, even posting a video to IG of her and her mother dancing to the track.

We wonder if YoungBoy will do the same for her song.