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50 Cent Trolling Bow Wow For Embarrassing Fall On Stage, Bow Wow Respond

50 Cent and Bow Wow beef

50 Cent savagely trolls Bow Wow for taking an embarrassing tumble on stage.

Whether it is Hollywood producers facing sexual assault allegations or beef between rappers, you can be sure that Fifty will have an opinion about it on Instagram. And so, when Bow Wow took a tumble during a recent performance, you can bet that the “Power” actor had something to say about it! Poor Bow Wow, who is currently performing as part of Omarion’s Millennium Tour, did something we’ve probably all done before — taking a step back without realizing there was no “back” to go to.

The result was the 32-year-old falling into a slot carved out on the stage. The trip seemed to take the camera operator just as much off guard as, when Bow Wow disappeared all of a sudden, the cameraman panned to a random stage attendant. Awkward!

50 Cent’s comment on social media didn’t make things any less awkward. “Damn it man, BOW WOW can’t come to TYCOON falling off the stage and s***. NAH stay home #abcforlife #starzgettheapp,” he wrote. Big names such as Snoop Dogg and Jemaine Dupri reacted with amusement, but luckily Bow Wow took it all in his stride with a good dose of humour. “Thats what happens when u drink that f***ing branson cognac before the concert. Thanks fif! Im never drinking that s*** again,” he joked.

The pair have always had a playful beef, but things escalated over the summer when Fifty accused the “Let Me Hold You” rapper of stealing his money at a strip club! Thankfully, they’ve put their differences aside and are back to just mocking each other.