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Jermaine Dupri Calls Out “Tone Def” Contestants At “Making The Band” Audition

Jermaine Dupri is speaking out about what he’s learned about young artists nowadays.

Diddy recently got a reboot for his MTV show “Making The Band,” which back in the day was pretty popular for putting some very talented music groups together. The show released the first set of auditions this weekend, and it gave fans a taste of what this new rebooted season of the show.

One of the celebrity judges on the show this season is Diddy’s longtime collaborator and friend Jermaine Dupri. It seems like the hip-hop veteran must have been watching the reboot with fans as he took to Twitter to share some thoughts on what he’s picked up since he came on as a judge on the show.

“One of the things that I notice and learned going to the #makingoftheband try outs, is that kids are using auto tune so much, the understanding of being tone def is gone and people be singing in all kinda keys,” Dupri wrote on Twitter. “Lol this is really a epidemic.”

Jermaine raises a good point what with the technological age and ho wit ties into music production. A lot of young talents are creating their own content without the need for huge record labels or super producers behind it. That understandably can affect the overall sound, which can sometimes come across as a bit computerized. Interestingly, it can sometimes seem like that is what music has become with so many artists carrying the same sonic.

In July 2019, Diddy announced that Making The Band would be making a return this year. The music mogul brought in his three sons to be a part of the production this time as well. Now that the hit series that created Danity Kane is back, it’s only a matter of time before more great talents are discovered. Do you think this autotune riddled era will make for a difficult time for the judges?