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50 Cent Clowning Chris Brown For His New Rainbow Hair

50 Cent isn’t feeling Chris Brown’s new rainbow hair.

Once again, we are being reminded that 50 Cent can’t stick to his word after promising to give up his petty trolling ways in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s shocking death. While this isn’t the first incident of Fif poking fun at celebrities online in the last month, it is perhaps the most lighthearted. Fifty took to Instagram to post a photo of his friend Chris Brown, featuring Chris looking down at the ground against an artsy brick wall, showing off his new hair which has been dyed blue and pink. Fifty’s caption read, “yo n***a im a need you on this record, but what da f**k you do to your hair blood. LOL”

While he made fun of his friend, Fifty also indicated that we might be seeing a Chris Brown feature on the Pop Smoke album he recently announced he will be finishing and producing. The media mogul has also let slip that he is hoping to book Roddy Ricch for some work on the project. It is unclear if Fifty plans to return to rap music himself to make the album happen, or if he will only be focusing on compiling a list of big names to put the project together.

While some fans were skeptical that Fifty would follow through on this promise, considering how hard it is to tell if Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson ever really means what he says in his off-the-wall social media posts, two separate posts hinting at features for the project may mean that the Pop Smoke posthumous album will really come to fruition. Meanwhile, Chris Brown continues to rock his colorful hair, and will likely continue to try out alternative hairstyles and looks as he has been doing for the last several years. Fifty will also likely continue to troll both his friends and enemies online, as it seems he simply can’t help himself.