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Pop Smoke’s Murder Investigation Hit A Major Snag: Reports

Pop Smoke’s murder case maybe harder to crack than previously thought.

After the untimely death of rapper Pop Smoke last week, rumors about his murder quickly began circulating online and among media outlets. While reports first indicated that the shooting death was a result of a robbery gone wrong, video surveillance footage that claimed to be from outside Pop’s home later indicated that the rapper was the victim of a targeted hit. Pop Smoke’s family recently released a statement asking for the respect of the public and “responsible reporting at this time,” adding, “Inaccurate reports only add unnecessary pain to a grieving family.”

Despite this request, TMZ is now claiming to have more information about the investigation, saying, “Law enforcement sources tell TMZ…detectives have hit a roadblock in the rapper’s murder investigation, specifically with regard to witness testimony.”

According to these new reports, witnesses in the case are refusing to talk to authorities, making it difficult to move forward with the investigation. TMZ also claims that their sources say that potential witnesses in the case who have been willing to talk have been unreliable, changing their stories several times. Additionally, there were no witnesses to the crime in or around Pop’s house that can provide a first-person account of what went down.

The investigation has reportedly been further complicated by the location of the murder, given that the shooting took place in Los Angeles, and Pop Smoke was living in New York City. Sources claim that law enforcement is not only at a loss when it comes to identifying suspects but is also unsure of the motive for murder at this time. Hopefully, witness cooperation and police diligence will bring Pop’s family some answers very soon. Pop Smoke was only 20 years old at the time of his death and was just starting to make a real mark in the music industry.