Vybz Kartel Drops Extra Raunchy Single “Body Language”

Vybz Kartel’s newest track titled “Body Language” is all about his ladies, as they allow their bodies to be their mouthpieces, saying things only a man with a trained ear to understand.

The song comes to fans aboard the Body Language Riddim produced by the crew at Naviigator Productions. The track as some of the freshes strings in dancehall to date. Listening to the track with your eyes closed may see you painting a cinematic picture of never-ending forests or underwater exploration. Vybz Kartel must have picked up on the same vibe from the track, inspiring him to deejay the following line, “Da b****z yah fi record academy fi have it. Yuh win the oscar fi di best p****y pan di planet”.

Kartel brings out his singing vocals in this one, lowering the tone of his voice during the verses then adding some brightness throughout the chorus. The backing female vocals layered into the riddim serve as a wonderful compliment to Kartel as he sings about his special lady. “What would I do if me never have you / ever inna form shine fi me my star / nah fell apart I love you like war / can’t be alone as long as I have you,” sings the deejay.

“Body Language” is a cleverly crafted song from the Worlboss, filled with emotions, flying on the wings of some pretty clever wordplay.