Billie Eilish Says She Is A Justin Bieber Stan Forever Even ‘If He Pooped and Put It on a Plate’

Billie Eilish is gushing over Justin Bieber in the series finale for his special Youtube series.

Justin Bieber walked into this year with purpose, and he’s been on a run since the new decade commenced. The pop star recently released a new album that marked his seventh no. 1 album and made him the youngest ever to earn that special achievement since Elvis Presley. Since Justin’s return, he has been promoting his album “Changes” and concurrently airing weekly episodes of his series “Seasons” on YouTube Originals.

Now with the album finally making its Billboard debut, the final episode of Seasons has just premiered as well. The special episode features some pretty dope artists like Quavo, Big Sean, and even Justin’s longtime mentor Usher and super producer DJ Khaled.

The episode also features multi-Grammy winning breakout pop star Billie Eilish who waxed lyrical about Justin during her interview. Eilish is admittedly a die-hard Belieber who is down to support Justin no matter what, and she says that’s no cap. “Anything that he makes at all, I’m excited about,” Eilish said in the “Seasons” season finale. “I don’t care if he pooped and put it on a plate and put that in a store. I’m excited! Anything that Justin makes, I’m ready to go.”

As a genuine fan who has been there from the start, Billie also feels for Justin Bieber, who she says has had a hard time but has grown and continues to grow in the most inspiring way. “I would say that he’s doing better and that makes me so happy because, you know, I like, care about him more than, like, anyone in my life,” she said. “The fact that he’s just moving forward and going, and going, and going, is huge. I think it’s bigger than all of us even realize because it’s easy to stop.”

It was very recently that Justin Bieber expressed mutual fondness for Billie Eilish and her incredible talent. The “Yummy” singer got emotional in an interview when he talked about how much he cares for and wants to protect Eilish. Justin relates to the young pop star because of how fast she shot to fame and obviously because she’s in the industry so young like he was.

Justin and Billie are two still pretty young artists who have a mutual love and respect for each other that is inspiring to see because they will constantly support each other as a result. Imagine being one of your idol’s biggest fans and then having them one day become yours.