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Growing Up Hip-Hop: Dame Dash Calls His Kids ‘Stupid’ And ‘Clowns’ In Therapy Session

Dame Dash
Dame Dash

Dame Dash can’t keep himself out of the courts or the headlines, and this time his children are involved.

Dame Dash has had many issues lately including lawsuits from creditors and for unpaid child support, as well as a sexual assault allegations forged against him from a former employee. Recently he announced that he was suing the production company behind “Growing Up Hip Hop” as well. Dash is a part of the show with his son, 28 year-old Damon ‘Boogie’ Dash II, and his daughter, Ava, also appears on the show. The music mogul’s relationship with his kids is strained on some levels, and has been reaching towards a boiling point in recent episodes.

In the latest episode of GUHH the three attend a therapy session to talk about the issues that exist between them. Boogie tells the therapist that one of his main concerns with his dad is that he doesn’t feel like he supports him when it comes to his addiction struggle. Boogie claimed that his father said to him, “Don’t come around until you fix yourself.”

Dash immediately denied saying that, however Ava backed up those claims and said that she had even heard him say that before. This is when he gets visibly upset and calls them spoiled and accused both of them of not being honest. He even brought up the situation between him and Rachel Roy, Ava’s mother and his ex-wife. He is currently suing her for saying that he is owed money from his share of her clothing brand’s earnings. He said that he was upset that Ava “chose a side” went to court in support of Rachel.

The therapy session continued to escalate when Boogie spoke up in support of his sister. Dame got even more confrontational which led Boogie to get up and nearly walk out. This really upset Dame and led him to call both of his children “stupid,” and said that they are both “clowns” for going against family. After that, the session was pretty much over as the therapist walked out behind him.

Let’s hope he and his children patch things up quickly. Since he has numerous legal issues right now, he’s going to need people in his corner.