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Pusha T & Jadakiss Pull “Hunting Season” Single Amidst Pop Smoke’s Death

Pusha T rapper

The death of Pop Smoke is having an impact on the music scene in more ways than we predicted.

The hip-hop world awoke with shock on Wednesday when news broke that “Welcome to the Party” rapper Pop Smoke had been killed. Official reports state that several individuals entered his Hollywood Hills home in the early hours of the morning and shot the 20-year-old, with one of the bullets striking him in the chest. Police were informed of the invasion via a call from someone on the East Coast and transferred Pop, born Bashar Barakah Jackson, to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre where he died from his wounds. Although authorities have treated Pop’s death as a burglary attempt, others have honed in on the suspiciousness around the incident and believe that it may have been a hit.

As the young rapper’s death continues to be investigated, fellow rapper Pusha-T has demonstrated the impact that the incident is having. Both artists had the same manager and King Pusha has now decided to pull his most recent single in respect of Pop’s passing.

The collaboration with Jadakiss is titled “Hunting Season” and features the lyrics, “I’ve got a couple rappers heads on the wall of my crib” as well as “When I think think of all these rappers, it’s huntin’ season”.  “‘Hunting Season” was a request that IcePick Jay (RIP) always had and in light of his death me and kiss made an incredible song,” the Daytona rapper wrote. “What that being said, the whole concept of hunting season and the hypothetical ideas of “killing rappers” isn’t setting well with me while mourning the recent death of PopSmoke. Rest In Peace POP and condolences to his family.”

The “If You Know You Know” rapper’s decision to do, which he posted on Instagram, was met with much support and respect.