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Love & Hip Hop NY Recap: Cyn Santana Confronts Joe Budden About Tahiry Love Triangle

This episode of Love and Hip Hop picks up right where the last one left off. Just after chaos erupted at Johnathan’s lingerie party, security stepped in to separate Yandy Smith and Kimbella. They both have to be held back while drinks are being thrown in every direction. After the yelling and screaming calm down a little bit, the party disperses, and Johnathan is left to clean up the mess.

A couple of days after the fight, Somaya, oh yes she’s back now, sets up a spa day for the girls in hopes of calming down tensions among the group. Cyn Santana attends the session along with Kimbella, who brings Chrissy Lampkin. As you may remember, Chrissy and Somaya had issues in the past that were never really addressed.

However, it looks like time may heal old wounds because both of the women seem to have put their beef well behind them. During the spa day, Kimbella fills Chrissy in on everything that went down at the lingerie party. However, Cyn and Chrissy both feel as if Yandy’s side of the story isn’t being told. Somaya invites all of the ladies, including Yandy, to a “healing tea” ceremony to help the ladies come back together. Knowing the history of this group, her efforts are probably in vain.

Joe Budden makes an appearance in this episode as we see Cyn Santana visit him at his house to discuss their co-parenting relationship, and the “love triangle” between him, her, and Tahiry. Joe says that there is nothing between him and Tahiry, but Cyn isn’t buying it. Later in the episode, Erica has a sit down with both of the women and tries to mediate them hashing it all out. They all agreed that the energy was off and that there was no solution to their issues at that time.

Near the end of the episode, all of the ladies and Jonathan meet up for the tea ceremony. Yandy shows up too, but quickly exits and says that she just doesn’t feel comfortable with Kimbella around. As for right now, it seems as if the drama between the OG ladies of LHHNY is on hold.

Like most of the episodes this season, we are left with a cliffhanger as we see Remy and Papoose riding in the car on the way to court. She’s facing charges for an alleged assault against a former cast member, Brittnay Taylor. In her confessional, she talks about how nervous she is for court because she could potentially face up to a year in jail and miss out on time with her family, including her new baby.

This franchise is so messy, and we love every minute of it. You can catch the latest episodes of Love and Hip Hop: New York Monday nights on VH1.