Rosh Rebel Releases “Glow” Amidst TVJ Performance

Jamaican songstress Rosh Rebel is breaking barriers with her latest inspiring single.

The songbird once told Urban Islandz that she doesn’t want to be put in a genre box, so it’s no surprise that her latest release has a more pop sound than dancehall or reggae. Every now and then, a song comes by with a great message and smooth sound that just captivates us. Rosh Rebel dropped off her new track “Glow” on Friday, and it has this absolutely incredible vibe protruding from its base that’s inspiring fans everywhere.

On Friday, Rosh took to social media to announce the release of the new track. “May your 2020 be filled with growth, happiness, love and peace! May you never be affected by People’s opinions of you but live your best life and forever GLOW!” the singer wrote. “Enjoy my new track!”

New banger alert is an understatement for “Glow,” which could be a playlist to itself. Rosh Rebel found herself a hit in this latest single from her self titled EP. The song that was mixed and mastered by Uel Genesis speaks positive affirmations into listener’s lives and is perfect for every moment in life.

“Minding my business/Doing what’s right I’m living happy/Yes, I’m alright/Taking chances/I’m doing just fine/Walking on sunshine/I’m living life,” Rosh sings in her flawless signature tone.

This song is begging for a music video to follow, and fans have already been requesting one. They are especially raving over the jazzy sound and the positive and uplifting theme of “Glow.” Rosh executes some body chilling runs over the upbeat instrumental that was produced by Tolu as her words strike a chord in every line. This song is a good dose of literally everything we need when we’re up, when we’re down, when we want to turn up, when we’re in doubt, and when we’re feeling amazing. How this vocalist managed to ascend to this Bruno Mars Eureka when she penned this one, we might never know.

“I’m so confident, I’m so divine/ I’m royalty now, that’s my design/Living my life and I’m so happy/Living my life and I’m so free/Living my life and I’m in love with me,” Rosh sings on this golden track.

The singer’s desk must be inundated with correspondence. Since her brilliant vocal performance that was aired on Television Jamaica on Christmas evening, everyone has been anxiously awaiting Rosh Rebel ‘s next release.

Now fans have been sharing their “glow” on social media and the inspiration taken from this track alone is impactful enough to propel it to its rightful status as a worldwide hit. “This song is a whole mood,” one fan wrote on social media about Rosh Rebel’s new release. “In looooove,” another fan said.

Some fans already added the song to their workout tunes while some others have the song on repeat and plan to listen to it religiously as part of their morning routine. “Glow” has that radio hit quality, mainstream hit quality, and just overall therapeutic quality. Listen to Rosh Rebel’s recently unveiled gem on YouTube and on various streaming platforms.