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2 Chainz, Offset & YG Sued For Jacking “Proud” Song

2 Chainz

2 Chainz, Offset, and YG are facing a lawsuit for allegedly jacking “Proud” from an aspiring rapper.

Atlanta legends 2 Chainz and Offset teamed up wth California strongman YG to record a song titled “Proud,” for 2 Chainz’s 2018 EP “The Play Don’t Care Who Makes It.” Apparently, it did not occur to any of the rappers on the track that they were not doing anything original and were simply borrowing elements from another track done by a young rapper who goes by the name Slugga. According to TMZ, Slugga, whose real name is Solomon Clanton, filed a lawsuit claiming that the newer track from 2 Chainz and crew mimics his 2015 track of the same title, and even contains “similar lyrics and music, including the hook and thematic elements.”

Slugga mentioned that the spoken-word intro, “call and response” technique and the hook were copied from his track. The hook goes, “I’m just tryin’ to make my mama proud.” The hook of the song may just be the most important as this is what most persons will remember.

Below the lyrics and melodies of the voices on 2 Chainz’s track, lays a hard-hitting, fast tempo beat that was apparently also a knock off to what Slugga had. Slugga claims that the same ” climactic moment and the same 2/4 time signature of two beats per measure” were copied.

Slugga’s official video that was released to Youtube on Apr 18, 2017, racked up 33,017 views so far. However, his copycats’ release, which was done on Mar 27, 2018, has racked up 43,125,948 views since the writing of the article. With this in mind, it is no surprise that the lesser-known rapper is seeking compensation from Def Jam for the lack of proper copyright clearance as well as stopping the 2 Chainz’s track from getting any airplay.

We will keep an eye on the topic to see how it pans out in the courtroom.