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Nick Cannon Details How He Almost Gave Eminem A Beat Down

Nick Cannon claims that he almost gave Eminem a proper beat down for disrespecting his ex-wife Mariah Carey.

Critics may claim that Nick Cannon is all talk when it comes to the beef between him and Eminem, but according to his recent interview with VLAD TV, Nick actually tried to organize a physical fight with Slim Shady after he felt he disrespected his wife at the time, Mariah Carey. Apparently, Nick once tried to hunt Em down in Detroit to settle things. He explains, “I went lookin’ for that muthafu**a. I went to Detroit. He don’t live in Detroit. He don’t live nowhere near 7th or 8th mile.”

The line that reignited the beef between Nick and Em came via Fat Joe’s single “Lord Above,” on which Em raps, “Tried to tell him this chick’s a nutjob ‘fore he got his jewels clipped/Almost got my caboose kicked.” It seems Eminem may have been referring to hearing the news about Nick looking for him on the streets of Detroit back in the day.

Taking it one step further, Nick attempted to organize a boxing match when he couldn’t find Marshall around town. Nick claims he had found out that Eminem was training to audition for a role in the boxing movie Southpaw, and Em’s trainer, Emanuel Steward, told Nick that Eminem was ready to hop in the ring with him. Nick claims he responded, “Set it up E! All money goes to charity. You know I’ll do this!”

During the interview, Cannon explains that he was ready to defend his wife’s honor at any cost, saying, “I ain’t give a f*ck about no lyrics…you said some disrespectful sh*t about my wife and I’m going to beat your a**.” He also went on to acknowledge that he is no match for Slim Shady when it comes to lyrical ability, saying, “I know I ain’t gonna out rap the muthafu**a but I was like, ‘Yo, if you got a problem with me and my wife, talking that sh*t…you gotta be able to deal with the consequences that come with your mouth.”