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Chris Brown’s Lawyers Withdraw From Lawsuit Over Alleged Rape In His Home

Chris Brown
Chris Brown / @chrisbrownofficial IG

Chris Brown is seeking new legal representation.

R&B superstar Chris Brown has literally gone from having a team of lawyers to “no guidance” related to a case from three years ago that is back on the court roll. According to court documents obtained by the Blast, an unidentified woman alleges that she attended a party at the Chris Brown’s Tarzana home in 2017 and was raped by his friend, Lowell Grissom Jr. The lawsuit is filed against both Grissom and Brown as the Jane Doe claims that the “Don’t Check On Me” singer attempted to give her narcotics such as cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy prior to the assault taking place. She also accuses the father of two of brandishing firearms at the party.

As is understandable when someone accuses you of involvement in such a serious incident, Brown hired a legal team to defend him. Zia Modabber served as his primary attorney, with Blair Berk’s firm being brought on to assist. The case has progressed slowly and in July, Brown was ordered to hand over his call records since February 23 2017, something he originally appealed against.

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Six months later, Brown has suffered yet another setback as his legal team has filed a motion to withdraw from the case. According to Berk, the 30-year-old has failed to fulfill the obligations of his contract — including giving his lawyers a number to contact him on, forcing all correspondence to be done through his agent.

“Over the past several months, Mr. Brown has not met his material obligations under the terms of our engagement letter, and has rendered it unreasonably difficult for Tarlow & Berk to carry out the representation effectively. Our relationship with Mr. Brown has come to a point where Tarlow & Brown and I can no longer adequately defend or represent him,” read the official motion to withdraw. To make matters even worse, Modabber filed a similar motion.

Looks like you’re on your own at the moment, Chris.