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Shenseea Tackles Infidelity In New Song “Potential Man”

Shenseea has been having a wonderful January 2020.

Shenseea kicked off her worldwide tour earlier this month, first appearing in the Middle East, then Europe, before she jets off to Miami for her Viewtopia debut on February 1, 2020. She will also be hitting a few other US stops before jetting to Canada and a few Caribbean islands inclusive of Jamaica. She has released a new single with international acts, Swae Lee, Young Thug, and Rvssian titled, “IDKW” and even got time to appear on Elle Magazine’s Game of Song Association, where she represented Jamaica to the fullest.

The month is not over as yet, and ShenYeng fans are being hit with another dose of the good stuff from Shenseea. Her newly released song titled “Potential Man” has all the right ingredients to make it a hit, even though the song feels like part two to last year’s “Temptation Overdrive.” It has the same underlying storyline of a female who is not happy in her relationship and decides to explore her options on the side. She takes the constant fighting between her and her main man as an inspiration to visit her “Potential Man” on a regular basis. Shenseea definitely snatched the storyline straight from reality, making it even more interesting. However, some listeners are concerned about the message behind the song, especially with the recent hike in the level of violence against women in Jamaica.

While a few of the comments were indeed concerned, many were singing praises for another release from their supreme queen. “Lordy d girls dem have an anthem now ring tone in effect [laughing emoji],” wrote another viewer.

The song is a part of the Carefree Riddim produced and recently released by the female talents at Stashment productions.

“Potential Man” is available for streaming on Youtube.