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NBA YoungBoy and Yaya Mayweather Lock Lips On IG Live

NBA YoungBoy Money Yaya
NBA YoungBoy, Yaya Mayweather

NBA YoungBoy and Yaya Mayweather are still going strong.

The couple that has sparked concern from a particular pool of fans who worry that their toxicity is way too unhealthy for their youthful union shared a video to social media of them hanging out together. In the video, the couple is inside NBA YoungBoy’s car. The rapper seemed to be blissfully entranced by his girlfriend while he was on Instagram live. He was smiling ear to ear, seemingly under the influence of a huge dopamine rush when he turned the camera towards Yaya who shied away from the spotlight,

It’s strange to see Yaya Mayweather rejecting media attention as the famous daughter of Floyd Mayweather has always been very confident in front of the camera. Perhaps she is a different girl when she is in her element during her downtime with her boyfriend. After turning the camera to Yaya, YoungBoy said, “Give me a kiss,” and Yaya obliged. This was probably the couple’s way of shutting down any rumors that the rapper had rekindled an old flame with his ex.

Iyanna Mayweather and NBA YoungBoy

YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Money Yaya Mayweather have had a rocky past with her slashing his tires at one point and him ranting about it on Instagram. It’s ironic to see them smiling and kissing in a new Rolls-Royce after the chaotic role that the invention has played in the story of their past. Recently, the couple has incited a lot of talk surrounding marriage as they keep alluding to tying the knot. First, Yaya shared a photo of herself donning a massive diamond rock and mentioned her “Fiance” in the caption. Then YoungBoy said he “needed a wife” on Twitter the other day.

While most still believe that the young couple still has a far way to go before they should even consider marriage, they are already well set, so the rest is up to them. It’s great to see them showing a united front and trying to maintain a healthy relationship. It’s the first step on a long walk to the marriage counselor’s office.