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50 Cent Addresses ‘Power’ Star Michael Rainey Jr. Aka Tariq Death Threats

50 Cent Michael Rainey jr
50 Cent, Michael Rainey Jr.

50 Cent is now reacting to Power star Michael Rainey Jr. getting death threats from fans on Instagram.

The actor who plays the role of Tariq in the hit series, recently made it known that fans are not happy with him at all. Taking to Instagram to share what has been happening, Michael posted a picture of himself where he looked quite bewildered. “Me going through my dms tryna figure out why I have 326 death threat messages,” he wrote in his caption.

50 Cent saw the post and chimed in with a post of his own. Taking to the popular social media app to share a screenshot of Michael’s post, the producer wrote, “Y’all better stop threatening the young bull. I told him get the strap,” Fifty said.

50 Cent and Michael Rainey Jr

Michael Rainey’s role of “Tariq” has long been one of the most hated characters on the show. Perhaps the most hated character of his career. In earlier seasons, the actor came under fire when fans were livid that his actions led to the death of his twin sister, among other grave unfortunate endings. It looks like he has become acclimated to the negative connotation surrounding his character’s name. Michael, who has Jamaican roots, took to the comments under 50 Cent’s post to give a very urban Jamaican response. “What they gon do with us? We outside,” Michael wrote along with a series of rolling laughing emojis.

Power has always gotten a lot of publicity ever since its inception because of its brilliant writing and acting. Now that it’s in its last season, all eyes are on the moments leading up to the finale. Recently the lead character “Ghost,” who is played by Omari Hardwick, was shot, which incited an uproar in the Power fans community.

After multiple seasons of Tariq never seeming to get it quite right, there are only two more episodes left for him to redeem himself. Tune in on Sunday to see what happens in the second to last episode of the series. Perhaps 50 Cent should take this one a bit more serious since a real life person is getting death threats. On the other hand, fans should learn to separate a character on TV from real life.