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50 Cent Takes Swipe At Floyd Mayweather For ‘Roach Motel’ Event

50 Cent wants no parts in any conversation about his nemesis Floyd Mayweather.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather actually being friends seems like a lifetime ago now. Since they’ve flipped the switch, they’ve had some petty social media encounters and demeaning banter online, but it looks like Fifty is turning over a new leaf. At the top of the year, the rapper said that he would only be promoting positive vibes from now on, and to be fair, he hasn’t really done his usual overkill of trolling so far.

Though 50 Cent is showing the face of a new man, there are still some things that haven’t changed — namely, his longstanding feud with Floyd Mayweather. Recently the champion boxer reportedly had a meet and greet in the United Kingdom, and it was allegedly hosted at a substandard motel. A fan took to Fifty’s comments to question why he believes Floyd would do that, but the rapper was not having it.

“y ur boy @floydmayweather doin a meet & greet in the UK at some roach motel!?” the fan wrote. 50 Cent could have simply replied to the comment to ask the fan to cease and desist, but instead, he decided to make an example out of it by posting a screenshot of the comment to his page. “Please don’t write this on my page,” Fifty wrote in his caption. “I don’t care what champ is doing. LOL.”

50 Cent might have chartered into petty territory once again with this post, but we have definitely seen worse from the infamous troller. Perhaps this was his opportunity to low key troll one of the people he despises the most without making it overtly disrespectful. I bet he couldn’t wait to click “Post” like that first puff of smoke a week after you decided to quit.