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Munga Honorable Takes Swipe At Vybz Kartel In New Song “Move On”

It seems the advice from Munga Honorable’s 2018 track “Nah Mad” has faded into oblivion for some of the males in Jamaica. The artiste is back to deliver another dose in his new track “Move On,” which is part 2 to NAH MAD OVA NUH GYAL.

Music has always been a method for the public to comment or express their outcry for what is happening in society, and Munga Honorable’s track could not come at a better time. The track publicly condemns the killing and abuse of women.

While violence against women has always been one of the issues plaguing Jamaica, there has been an upsurge in the number of domestic abuse deaths at the hand of aggravated lovers. The reasons for the cases have ranged from females wanting to end a relationship for whatever reason or if they become unfaithful in their relationship.

Munga draws from the recently publicized breakup of Vybz Kartel and longtime girlfriend and baby mother Tanesha, as a means of bringing across his point. While many persons knew that the incarcerated DJ and “Shorty’ were having issues, the full breakup was solidified with the release of Vybz Kartel’s most recent album, To Tanesha. Kartel wears his heart on his sleeve in every track, confessing his love for her but also stating that they were obviously not meant to be.

The exact reference from Munga’s track goes, “Her next man a pick her up like a wiFi, now Shorty gone make Addi start cry, seet ya.” Munga also delivers a catchy and relatable chorus, “A no the end of the world so get yourself another girl and move on / A no every glisten a gold a no every glimmer a pearl so just move on … husband don’t murder the bride yout don’t choose suicide.”

This feels like another one from the hit factory for Munga, who has made quite a legendary comeback to the dancehall scene.