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Diddy aka Love Posted Touching Tribute To Kim Porter


Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, aka Love, is honoring his departed soulmate Kim Porter with a tribute on Instagram.

The producer and businessman sadly lost his partner and mother of his children Kim Porter in November 2018, and nothing has been the same since. Diddy often remembers Kim in his social media posts, often alluding to the fact that he is not over losing her. Taking to Instagram to share a lovely photo of the beautiful late Kimberly Porter, Diddy encouraged others not to wait to tell the person they love how they feel.

“If you got a good woman please let her know. Tell her as soon as you can,” he said in his caption. “Make sure she knows. Make sure she feels it. HONOR HER. CHERISH HER. Cause the special ones are RARE and FEW. And everyone doesn’t get a second chance. LET THE ONE YOU LOVE KNOW TODAY. RIGHT NOW!! @ladykp lol honor you forever,” Diddy wrote.

Diddy and Kim Porter

Diddy previously admitted that not marrying Kim when he had the chance is now one of his biggest regrets in life. Last year in December, Diddy hosted a huge 50th birthday bash with his family and friends. The party was held the night before Kim’s birthday, which was no coincidence. At the stroke of midnight, when Diddy’s sons took the stage to give a speech, they honored their mother as they rang in her birthday with their loved ones.

“This moment is so beautiful first of all because one: this roomed is filled with so many people who are truly filled with love and this is what my pops always preaches. Now if you don’t understand what love is look at him, look at this room. If you in this room that’s what love is,” Quincy said. “I also wanna take this moment to say hello, to just bow our heads one time for my mother Kim Porter because it is past midnight, December 15th, which is her birthday. So while we’re celebrating 50 years of my father, we’re celebrating the life of my mother.” The celebration was very much for Kim Porter as much as it was for Sean Combs.

We know that Diddy has been having a hard time since losing Kim, as he has continuously expressed on social media through thoughtful messages. On some days, it’s clear that he misses her so much it consumes him. We truly hope he will continue to pull through and inspire others with his words of wisdom.