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Rapper Pop Smoke A Free Man After His Mom Put Up Her House For Bail

Pop Smoke is out of jail, but not out of hot water.

Recently, we reported New York rapper Pop Smoke was arrested for allegedly transporting a stolen Rolls-Royce Wraith across interstate lines from California to New York. The breakout star may have hit tracks like “Welcome to the Party” and “Dior,” and big collaborations with top artists like Nicki Minaj and Travis Scott, but it looks like it still “mom to the rescue.” Reports have now surfaced that the rapper who was released posted his $250,000 by putting up his parent’s Brooklyn home as collateral.

Pop Smoke reportedly pled not guilty to the charge and is facing up to 10-years in jail.

According to legal documents, law enforcement sources claim that Pop Smoke first met the owner of the luxury car at a recording studio in Los Angeles in the fall of last year. They made a “verbal agreement” that Pop Smoke could use the car for an upcoming music video, and return the luxury car the following day. In exchange, the rapper would give the owner VIP treatment at his upcoming show.

The problem with the “agreement” was that the car was never returned. The owner claims after a few months of not hearing from the rapper, he reported his vehicle stolen. The vehicle finally resurfaced in one of Smoke’s now-deleted social media post in New York. After investigating, federal prosecutors apprehended Pop Smoke at the JFK Airport last Friday, after returning home from Paris Fashion Week.

The upcoming rapper appears to be taking his recent charges well, moments after his release he apparently linked up and squashed his on-going beef with fellow New York rapper, Casanova.

As far as mom’s repayment, we assume the “Dior” rapper will have the funds to refund his mother after her sizable contribution to his legal aid.

Pop Smoke is due back in court on February 3rd.