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50 Cent Angered ‘Power’ Fans By Leaking Who Shot Ghost

50 Cent managed to anger Power fans by leaking the ending.

It turns out that fans of Power will not have to wait until next week to find out who really shot Ghost because 50 Cent just revealed that Tasha was the trigger woman. On Monday, the G-Unit rapper hinted that he had some issues with Starz and threatened to leak the remaining two episodes. It turned out that he made good on his promise and leaked a short clip of Tasha shooting someone. While he didn’t reveal the victim to be Ghost, aka Jamie St. Patrick, it’s pretty evident that was what he was conveying.

50 Cent shares a special relationship with the viewers of his show, Power. While he usually could care less what people have to say about him or his creative choices, he allows Power fans to wield a significant amount of influence over the show. For example, when fans complained about the theme song being replaced by a Trey Songz update, Fifty appeased the crowd by switching it back to the original version sung by Joe. However, it seems Fif has lost his patience with some of his most fickle viewers. Captioning a photo of himself on Instagram, Fifty wrote, “Y’all some funny motherf*ckers man, called me all kinds names because y’all didn’t like the last episode…now we friends again. ain’t this some bullsh*t.”

In a second post featuring a picture from the set of Power, Fifty writes, “POWER…Now everybody love me again, I wasn’t sh*t last week…say sorry or something nice.” The return of the sixth season after a two-month-long break apparently left some fans disappointed, especially after French Montana took it upon himself to spoil the premier. Making the latest move in their highly publicized beef, French took a jab at Fifty by getting his hands on a yet-to-be-released Power clip, and letting the viewers know that they wouldn’t be finding out “who killed ghost,” the question that had fans waiting in anticipation for the next episode.

Despite the widespread disappointment, it seems Curtis Jackson feels the show has more than made up for failing to meet expectations during the premier now that it is three episodes in to the return of the season. Fans seem to agree that Fifty deserves some praise for this one, commenting on his boastful post with comments such as “I LOVED THIS EPISODE…sorry 50”, and “best episode in a while.”