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Rare Juice WRLD Photo From Recording Of Eminem Verse Surfaced Online

A rare Juice WRLD photo from the night he recorded Eminem verse was leaked online.

Eminem surprised everyone with his brand new album Music To Be Murdered By. On the one hand, he is being lynched for using the 2017 Manchester bombing as a punchline, on the other hand, he is being praised for using Juice WRLD on the chorus for “Godzilla.” It’s always best to run with the positives, and Juice fans all over the world agree. Eminem really transformed into the Monster he sings about on the track, ripping everything to shreds. This means it is only fair that we got someone to chill out with on the chorus, and that was the late Chicago rapper. He provided the mellow breaks in between the fire that Em is tossing, and we now have an image of the night he laid down his mellow chorus.

The deceased rapper’s personal Photographer Chris Long captured the moment and so many others similar it, not knowing the rapper would meet his end at the young age of 21. Death has a way of shattering the world of the ones left behind, and Chris knows this all too well now. Two weeks ago, he posted an image of Juice WRLD to his Instagram page and paired it with a moving caption. He shared the same sentiments of Juice’s loyalty and kind soul, just like all other persons who have mentioned the young rapper.

“J really held it down for me an was there for me, kept me focused and moving forward through a lot of sh*t. That’s what he would say to me right now, ‘keeping going forward, stay focused and find the positive.’ He was genuinely a good person and an even better friend that really cared,” wrote Chris.

The “Lucid Dreams” rapper was a free spirit, and it can be seen in the shot of him in the studio the night they were working on the hook for Em’s track. He smoked a blunt while being flanked by his associates, inclusive of D Savage. Chris Long definitely deserves a shoutout for holding onto the photo until the release of the album, ultimately keeping the surprise album a secret.

Fans are just happy to know that they can channel Juice WRLD’s energy one more time and what better way to do it than on Eminem’s track that has officially topped Rap God in terms of speed and delivery.